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Our Services

We recommend trying to keep our guests diets as close to their usual as possible. It's very easy for them to get an upset stomach from a sudden change in food so we usually recommend owners bring their normal food with them on the day of arrival. However, we do offer a selection of wet and dry foods which are available to all guests at no extra charge if preferred.
We are happy to administer medication but we  ask if owners could please bring any medication a cat requires with them on the day of arrival.
We provide all the fresh bedding needed for the duration of their stay, this includes a variety of soft and rigid beds and our bunk beds which include two hotel pillows and blankets.
We have a range of our own toys which we use to play with the guests. Each guest is guaranteed attention daily where they can have lots of love and plenty of play time.



Extra Services

All of our guests receive lots of love, fuss and play time during their stay with us. We ensure throughout the day all guests are comfortable, happy and are thoroughly enjoying their holiday. We try to post as many photos on social media as possible, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee your cat will make an appearance.
The extra services we offer are for owners wishing to give their fur baby and extra luxurious stay and for those who would prefer to have photos and videos sent to them directly. These can be booked on the day of arrival.

Photos & Videos - £5/day

A great option for owners who spend their holiday worrying about their cat. We send photos or videos directly to you so you can see just how happy they are.

Grooming - £2.50/15minutes

A relaxing 15 minutes with a selection of different brushes and combs. Leaving your fur baby with a soft and silky coat. 

Play Time - £5/30minutes

A 30 minute experience that gets our guests running, pouncing and chasing our new and exciting toys. Great for young cats, playful ones or those looking to lose some weight.

Cuddle Time - £5/30minutes

A calming and relaxing experience, great for attention seeking guests or those who are quieter or more nervous. We spend 30 minutes providing lots and lots of affection.

Treats - £2/day

We provide regular visits throughout the day to offer a selection of different treats. Great for foodie cats.
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